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5 Easy Exercises That Can Be Done at Home on Quarantine Days With Coronavirus

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Stay Home Against Coronavirus and COVID-19, Protect Your Health!

While the measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), which is highly contagious and already wreaking havoc on the world, we can use the time we spend at home to take care of ourselves and to perform stress-relieving activities. So how can we do this without going out and with limited possibilities?

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak caused by coronavirus, it was decided to close the sports halls in addition to various places where people are gathered. Considering that gyms are crowded places and that they prepare the environment for the spread of viruses, we see that this decision is very accurate. However, while spending time under quarantine at home and being protected from coronavirus, we also need to protect our health. In this context, we have compiled for you 5 basic exercises that we can easily do at home and help protect our health even in these limited possibilities.

What are the benefits of exercising for our health?

Exercise at home against coronavirus covid-19

Physical activity allows the body to release endorphins naturally, and increasing endorphins, also called the hormone of happiness, can help improve your mood, increase your sense of confidence, and also reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

In addition to various factors such as our diet, the environment we live in, the quality of sleep and the people we live with, exercise also causes chemical reactions that affect our health. Regular exercise is known to have a positive effect on heart health, bone density, joint mobility, cognitive capacity, mood, and metabolic functions. In addition, exercise helps increase and strengthen muscle mass. Of course, we can extend this list even more, but one of the biggest benefits of regular exercise during stressful periods is that it helps to maintain daily life more easily.

The vast majority of people spend their time still at home, with the exception of people who are currently obliged to go to work. Although the coronavirus and the COVID-19 outbreak caused by this virus caused enormous losses and destructions, it has also created a great source of time for us to evaluate right now. Most people spend this precious time reading books, watching movies, and training online. Unfortunately, when we do this, we lose our perception of time and inevitably become a lethargic mood. Here, in these difficult coronavirus days, we can create an exercise system in our own home in order to use our time properly and not to lose our mental and physical health.

Exercise at home on coronavirus days

In these days when we need to lead an isolated life to protect against coronavirus, staying home does not mean that you have to give up exercise. In fact, exercising will help you normalize the condition and maintain both our mental health and physical condition during this period. It is also beneficial for you to focus on exercise and develop a more logical perspective. You can exercise even if your space is tight. It is enough to use your own body weight to do the exercises that require minimum equipment.

You can do full body exercises at any time to stretch and strengthen your body. Below, I have shared five exercise suggestions that you can easily do at home.

1. Triceps dip exercise

This exercise allows you to work the back of your arms and shoulders. Sit on the ground with your knees slightly bent. Keep your hands behind you with your fingers facing your body. Support your body with your arms and feet, raise your hips. Bend your arms at the elbow until your hip hits the ground, and then return to the starting position. If you want to make the exercise a little more difficult, raise your left leg in the air while raising your hip and extend your right arm forward.

2. Push up exercise

This is a full body workout that requires you to use multiple muscle groups together. Lie down with your face down. Keep your hands at a distance from shoulder to shoulder with your palms facing the floor, close to your shoulders. Touch your toes on the ground and spread your feet slightly apart. Lift your body with the help of your arms. Keep your body in a straight line from your head to your heels and keep your buttocks stretched using your abdominal muscles. This is the start and end position of the single push-up movement. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground. Stop at this position for a second and return to the starting position.

3. Crunch exercise that helps us balance hands and knees

This balance exercise mostly works your abdominal muscles. Lie down as if you were lying on the ground first, bring your hands and arms under your head and take a position on the ground. Your hands should be in the back of your head, facing your neck and your knees should be bent upward. Also, don’t forget to tighten your back muscles and keep your back straight. Lift your right arm forward and pull your left leg towards you. While bringing your elbow to your knee, simultaneously pull your knee to your chest. While doing the movement, you should do the right arm as the left leg and the left arm as the right leg. After repeating 10 times, switch to the other arm and leg.

4. Squat exercise

This functional exercise will help you exercise your body’s largest muscle mass, your hips and legs. While starting the movement, we stand by keeping our feet a little further from the shoulder width. Our hips and knees should lie straight from the ankle. We stretch our arms straight forward. The arms should be parallel to the floor and our palms should face the ground. So we took a position as if we were going to sit on a chair briefly. While our hips are slightly protruding, we keep our chest and shoulders upright and our back straight. In order for our spine to be in its natural shape, our head and eyes should look forward. We keep our muscles as tight as possible to get maximum efficiency from the movement. For the ideal squat depth, you need to lower your hips down from your knees. By giving your body weight to your heels, we get strength from our heels and get up and continue the movement in this way.

5. Reverse lunge exercise by lifting the knees

This exercise will help to train the front and back of your legs. First of all, we keep our chest upright and our chin up. And then we start the movement by squeezing our hips and taking a big step backwards with our left foot. As we step back, we break our knee. We get support from here by pressing the left fingertip on the ground. Our front foot should stand firmly on the ground. While returning to the starting position, we pull our knee forward. After standing for a few seconds like this, we repeat the movement and move to the other leg.

We have come to the end of an exercise series 🙂 We hope
that you have made a useful share in these days when we understand the
importance of acting in unity and solidarity against the Coronavirus and the
COVID-19 outbreak. Until more robust measures against coronavirus are
developed, please stay at home as much as possible and take care to protect our


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