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Best Natural Remedies to Stop Cellulite

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The beauty industry has long since recognized the market for these unsightly dents and offers numerous creams, lotions, massagers and tablets that cost a lot of money but rarely help. In this article you will learn which factors play a role and how you can permanently reduce cellulite with home remedies and natural treatment methods.

Balanced Diet

The formation of cellulite is due to various factors, such as weight, connective tissue, hormone balance and genetic factors. Among these, body weight, or more precisely body fat, plays an important role, as excess weight favours orange peel skin. However, if you want to lose weight, you should avoid strong weight fluctuations, as this has a negative effect on the connective tissue. With a balanced diet at normal weight, the unpleasant dents hardly stand a chance.

The connective tissue is additionally strengthened by an increased intake of vitamin E, which is mainly contained in nuts and wholemeal products. Vitamin C, which is abundant in regional fruits and herbs, also has a strengthening effect on the subcutaneous tissue involved. In spring, asparagus is a good choice for your diet, as it contains vitamin C, has a draining effect, helps you lose weight and also adds other vitamins and minerals to your body.

Sufficient Exercise

In addition to diet, regular exercise plays an important role. It helps to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat, so that less fat deposits are formed. But you don’t have to mutate into a workout junkie to do this. It is much more important to integrate exercise into your everyday life, such as walking, cycling, dancing or jogging (preferably in the forest). For women with weak connective tissue, sports with little vibration are more suitable, such as yoga or swimming. Strength training has an additional tightening effect and strengthens the muscles.

Replenish Water Balance

For the metabolism to work optimally, it is important to drink enough. With these tricks you can manage the recommended amount of two to three litres of water a day without having to worry about it. On the other hand, excessive alcohol consumption and coffee have a negative effect on the connective tissue.

Coffee Grounds Against Cellulite

Coffee can be very helpful for this, because caffeine is the main active ingredient in many expensive anti-cellulite products. You can make a firming peeling from coffee grounds and olive oil, which is best applied twice a week. The caffeine it contains helps to tighten and firm the upper layers of the skin so that the underlying fatty tissue structures become less visible.

These Plants Strengthen the Connective Tissue

There is not only one herb against cellulite, but a whole range of them: with horsetail you can naturally strengthen and invigorate your connective tissue. Use it in the form of a three-week tea cure, during which you drink this tea several times a day. The tea is prepared fresh every day from one teaspoon of the herb per quarter litre of boiling water.

Birch leaves also strengthen the connective tissue and, as a bath additive, help to improve the appearance of the skin and tighten the skin.

Another weapon against cellulite is the climbing ivy. In the form of a home-made ivy massage oil, you can take advantage of its circulation-promoting and metabolism-stimulating properties.

A yarrow ointment also stimulates the blood circulation and supports the self-healing of the skin cells.

Parsley tea helps to drain water retention from the body. To do this, boil a tablespoon of fresh parsley with 250 millilitres of boiling water. One or two cups of this infusion can be drunk daily. An envelope with the smooth or curly leaves supports the treatment from the outside.

Brush Massage for Blood Circulation

Mechanically, you can also tackle the visible structures of the conjunctiva by dry brushing. If this vitalising method is integrated daily into the morning hygiene, it helps the connective tissue to have a particularly good blood supply and to remove tissue fluids more quickly. At the same time, you are doing something good for your immune system!

Alternating Showers for Orange Peel

The change between cold and warm water stimulates the blood circulation and the fat metabolism. Effervesce affected skin areas extensively in alternation with cold, then with lukewarm water over and finish the alternating shower with cold water.

There is no ultimate miracle cure for cellulite – neither among natural household remedies nor in the cosmetics industry – but as with other complaints, you can achieve a great deal with a combination of a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. Herbs, wild plants and the other methods mentioned support the treatment even more to feel really good in your own skin again.

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