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Celebrities Who Couldn’t Escape From Coronavirus and Covid-19 Outbreak.

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All the Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for the Coronavirus

Coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic caused by this virus, have affected not only normal citizens but also many world-famous names. We are going through a period when the word “positive” means “negative” more than ever. Among the celebrities who are positive from the COVID-19 tests, there is the wife of a politician, the famous couple, an athlete that everyone loves very much and so on.

 Celebrities who share their coronavirus-related processes and developments with their fans remind their followers that they should not panic. Celebrities who share their positive outcomes on social media continue to be optimistic about the COVID-19 disease, while they are a source of motivation for those who are infected with the coronavirus. Below you can see celebrities who have been positive for coronavirus so far. We hope that both them and all people who suffer from COVID-19 epidemic disease will regain their health as soon as possible.

Celebrities who are infected with coronavirus and positive for the COVID-19 test, heartbreaking news…



The coronavirus test of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also positive. In a statement from the prime minister office, it was announced that Johnson, with mild symptoms, was quarantined.



According to The Daily Telegraph, corona virus spread to British Kingdom! The tests of Crown Prince Charles were positive. The corona virus was also detected in the 2nd Albert of Monaco Prince, where Charles had previously met and shook hands. The British media made statements stating that Charles was at risk and wrote that the Royal family had a hard time.

It was stated that Prince Charles and his wife, Duchess Camilla, were quarantined at their homes in Scotland. It was reported that the test done to Duchess was negative. While Prince Charles was last met with Queen Elizabeth on March 12, the statement from Buckingham Palace stated that the well-being of the Queen was good, and the coronavirus, which swept Britain, also confused the royal family. The meeting with Prince Charles, Prince of Monaco Albert II, was recalled and it was emphasized that Albert’s coronavirus test was positive. The possibility of Albert coronavirus infecting the prince is seriously voiced.



Tom Hanks announced last week that his wife Rita Wilson and him were positive from Corona Virus tests while on an Australian trip. Hanks, who was in Australia for the production process of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biographical film, emphasized that people should be positive by sharing a glove and a trash bin from their Instagram account. “Hi friends. Rita Wilson and I are in Australia. We felt a little tired, it was like a cold and pain in our body. Rita had chills in and out. A little bit of fever. To move right, that’s what the world needs, we did the Corona Virus test and got positive. What is next? Health officials have protocols to follow. We, the Hanks family, will be tested for the health and safety of the public, we will be under surveillance and isolation. Nothing we can do other than follow the developments day by day, is there? We will keep the world informed about developments. Take care of yourself!” After a day, Hanks shared his status and isolation with his followers. Emphasizing that people with weak immune systems should be extra careful, Hanks said, “Rita Wilson and I would like to thank everyone for their interest in us. We got the COVID-19 virus and put ourselves in isolation so as not to spread it to others. There are people that this virus can have quite serious consequences. There are things we can all do by taking precautions and listening to experts. Remember, no matter crying in baseball, ”he added.


Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, did not forget to share the developments from her Instagram account. Sharing the same picture that Hanks shared with his wife, Wilson said, “We wanted to send you all the best wishes of Tom Hanks and me. We are grateful for your love, support and prayers. This is very meaningful and empowering for us, ”said Wilson, telling his followers that they can check Tom Hanks’ account for detailed information.



19-year-old singer Charlotte Lawrence said the Corona Virus test was positive. “Hi guys, a few days ago my doctor told me that he was Covid-19 positive. Many of us will have it. I will be fine. However, if the virus continues to infect more people, some of us will not be good. Therefore, I do not want your prayers, love and sweet messages. I ask you to protect people who will be more affected by this virus. Stay inside. Please. Stay inside whether you are sick or not. Think of your family. Think of your grandmother and grandfather. ” 


Andy Cohen, the host of the “Watch What Happens Live” show, announced on March 20 that the Covid-19 tests were positive. “A few days after the social quarantine, I was not feeling well and learned that my Corona Virus test was positive. I thought I could continue my show from home, but for now we focus on our health and postpone the show. I would like to thank the healthcare professionals who continue working tirelessly for us and I want to underline that everyone stays at home and takes care of themselves, ”said Andy Cohen, who will share the developments with his followers.



On March 21, ‘Younger’ player Debi Mazar announced that Corona Virus tests were positive on Instagram. Emphasizing that he felt sick on March 15 and his symptoms have passed by now, Mazar told his fans that they should stay at home.



Bon Jovi’s songwriter and pianist, David Bryan, announced that the Corona Virus tests are positive via Instagram. “I have been sick for a week and feel better every day. Please don’t be afraid. This is just a virus, not a plague epidemic, ”said Bryan,“ I was in quarantine last week and I will wait another week. I will be testing again and I will make sure that I get rid of this virus, ”he added.



Famous opera singer Placido Domingo announced on Facebook that the Corona Virus is positive. “My family and I are in social isolation for as long as necessary. Now we are all in good health, but I have some symptoms of fever and cough, ”said Domingo, who said his followers should stay home to prevent the spread of the virus.



On March 19, Daniel Dae Kim announced that the Corona Virus tests were positive. Kim, who shared a video on Instagram, said that he was on the set of the ‘New Amsterdam’ series in New York before this diagnosis. Speaking to his followers from his home in Hawaii, Kim said he was fine and in the process of recovery.



Aaron Tveit, who played on Broadway musicals, said that Covid-19 tests were positive on Instagram on March 23. “I have been under personal quarantine since the closing of Broadway shows, that is, March 12, and I feel much better now. I am very lucky that my symptoms are quite mild, just like a normal flu. But for people who experience these symptoms much more heavily, we must be careful by staying at home, ”says Tveit, inviting all people to act cautiously against the coronavirus.



Rudy Gobert, the player of the Utah Jazz basketball team, had responded by touching all the microphones at a press conference before taking the Corona Virus test. Later, the Covid-19 tests were positive, Gobert said, “I hope my story will be a warning to people and it will make everyone take this situation seriously. I will try to educate people using my own experience and try to prevent the spread of the virus, ”said Gobert, apologizing to his fans.



Donovan Mitchell, who played on NBA’s Utah Jazz team like Rudy Gobert, announced from Instagram that he is coronavirus positive.



Kevin Durant, one of the most famous players of the NBA, announced on March 17 that he was positive for Corona Virus with a press release. Durant said that he felt good despite the diagnosis, “Everyone should be careful, take care and stay in quarantine. We will get through this, ”he warned his fans.



Prince of Monaco Albert-II was announced to be Corona Virus positive on March 19. It is stated that the prince, who works from home and is said to have quarantined himself, started the treatment process.



According to the New York Post, Harvey Weinstein, who is in New York prison, turned out to be Corona Virus positive.



On March 15, ‘Quantum of Solace’ player Olga Kurylenko announced that the Corona Virus tests were positive. Kurylenko, who shared a photo with her son on Instagram, said, “My cough is almost gone, and even though I cough in the morning, the symptoms are decreasing all day long. I spend this time evaluating myself and spending time with my son. ”



Boston Celtics player Marcus Smart has posted a video from Instagram and announced that the Corona Virus tests are positive. Giving a message to the youth, Smart said, “The young generation in our country must isolate themselves. This is not a joke. It is selfish not to do it, ”he said.



Rachel Matthews, who voiced the character of Honeymaren in the movie ‘Frozen 2’, announced on March 16 that she was positive from the COVID-19 test from her Instagram story. “Hi guys, I was COVID-19 positive and I was in quarantine last week. I would love to help with anything. Please be thoughtful about our choices, time is smart and time to be responsible. Let’s support each other, ”says Matthews, he warned his followers to pay attention. Matthews, 26 years old, shared his symptoms with his followers, adding that he had complaints such as “sore throat, fatigue and headache.” Saying that with low fever, there are body aches, chills, severe pain in the lungs, dry cough and anorexia, Matthews said, “He has a fever, but the pain in his lungs has increased.”



Kristofer Hivju, who portrays the character of Tormud Giantsbane in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, announced that the Corona Virus tests were positive on Instagram on March 16. “Greetings from Norway! Sorry to say that, but today, I got positive from COVID-19, Corona Virus tests. My family and I decided to isolate ourselves, no matter how much. Our health is good, I only have minor symptoms, ”said Hivju,“ under the picture he shared with his wife Gry Molvaer, “There are people at a much higher risk, so I emphasize your incredible caution; Wash your hands, stay 1.5 meters away from others, quarantine yourself, so do everything that will prevent the virus from spreading. ” “Together we can fight this virus and prevent the crisis in hospitals. Take care of each other, protect your distance and stay healthy! ” Hivju added, emphasizing that everyone should be attentive to each other.



Idris Elba, who shared on Twitter on March 16, announced that the Corona Virus test was positive. Stating that his wife, Sabrina Dhowre, has not shown any symptoms in the video he shared, Elba said, “Hi guys. This morning, my Corona Virus tests came and came out positive. Yes, this is a very bad situation. But I’m fine. Sabrina hasn’t tested yet, but she’s fine. I also had no symptoms. The reason I got tested was because I was around someone positive. I learned that they were positive last Friday, I immediately quarantined myself, and the tests I have received have come today, ”said Elba, sharing the developments with her fans.



Sophie Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced that the Corona Virus test was positive. According to the news of CNN, it was stated that Trudeau, which is stated to be in isolation for 14 days, has mild symptoms. After an event he attended in the middle of March, Sophie Trudeau, who showed signs of a flu, made a test immediately. While Justin Trudeau was said to have no symptoms, it was stated that he would be under quarantine for preventive purposes. After the news about Sophie Trudeau, Sophie thanked her followers and said, “Even if I experience the irritating symptoms of the virus, I will be fine soon. Being quarantined at home is nothing compared to Canadian families with more serious health problems, ”he said.



Juventus F.C. football player Daniele Rugani announced in the middle of March that the Corona Virus test was positive. Positive test results caused people like Rugani’s teammates Cristiano Ronaldo to quarantine themselves. Juventus team, who played in the match a few days before Rugani’s tests, drew themselves in isolation for preventive purposes. According to the statement released by the team, “Juventus Football Club implements all isolation processes by law.”

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