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Coronavirus – Corona Jokes to Help You Get Through Self-Isolation And Social Distancing

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It’s obvious the measures advised by the authorities to contain coronavirus should be taken seriously. Ideally, we must all be operating from home, gyms, shops and pubs must be shut, and individuals must be restricting the exposure of theirs to the external world.

But in the midst of the unstable – and also occasionally overwhelming – existing weather, you are able to definitely depend on the web to obtain some pleasure. Perhaps it is the penguins experiencing the aquarium of theirs in full for the very first time. Perhaps it is the luxury gyms who today provide free at home workout routines. Or perhaps it is the great memes which give you a welcome distraction.

Allow me to share the pick of ours of the very best coronavirus memes thus far.

Coronavirus Joke 1 – Y’all okay?

Coronavirus Joke 2 – Is it here that those who cut their hair during quarantine days?

Coronavirus Joke 3 – Thanks God, today is friday:)

Coronavirus Joke 4 – We need to quarantine our phones too!

Coronavirus Joke 5 – Everything is okey dude, we have Zoom 🙂

Coronavirus Joke 6 – The restaurants are not aware of what has happened to them yet, I think 🙁

Coronavirus Joke 7 – The days, weeks and months came together. Are we still in 2020?

Coronavirus Joke 8 – Quarantine is very good for me, buddy, I gained incredible abilities and improved myself.

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Ina Garten has this quarantine thing down. 🍸

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Coronavirus Joke 9 – What do you think girls, are you comfortable? Men really wonder if you will go on like that after quarantine:)

Coronavirus Joke 10 – We’ve already gone crazy.

I hope we managed to make you laugh a little bit in these challenging quarantine days 🙂

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Wash your hands, stay safe and read Spoyler🙂

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