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General Travel Tips For Australia

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In this story we have compiled useful information you may need for your Australian trip. These are National holidays. If these dates fall on a weekend, a day may be given in lieu. There are also numerous State holidays.

Life in the City


Australia is an informal society generally. In cities businessmen wear suits and ties, but elsewhere, in the suburbs and rural areas people dress casually. However, certain hotels, clubs and restaurants may have a dress code to discourage the wearing of shorts/vests in the evenings. If in doubt, ask!

Beach Culture

Beach Culture has become an integral part of the Australian lifestyle and surfing and surf life saving are both popular activities.


Australians generally dislike pretentiousness and snobbery but they will tend to forgive an individual who is honest about their errors.

Anti Australian Sentiments

Australians are not good at accepting criticism from visitors. If you start criticising Australia expect to receive much criticism of your own country in return!

Safety in the Cities

By world standards Australia is a benign community. There are no definable no-go areas in any of the major cities and, as a general principle, it is safe to travel anywhere in the country. To give some idea of the of the scale of crime in Australia, Sydney is the countryıs largest city and inevitably, like any large city, it has its share of crime. Common sense is necessary. In both Kings Cross and around Oxford Street be sensible. They are perfectly safe areas but people have been known to be beaten up and robbed by youths.

Safe Sex

Note that condoms are available at chemists, some all-night stores and at vending machines in the toilets of universities and many hotels. The pill is only available on prescription which requires a visit to a doctor.

What to Wear?

The Australian climate ranges from snow, as a common occurrence, in the mountains of Victoria and New South Wales in the winter, through to tropical monsoon conditions in Darwin and across the Kimberley region of Western Australia in the summer months. It is therefore difficult to make generalisations.

People often prefer to dress comfortably in Australia. You can be comfortable with fashion. use your own style. Beach clothing is only suitable for beach bars and fast food. enjoy yourself.

For summer months (October to April) pack lightweight garments and a hat.

The entire Queensland coast commonly experiences summer rains. Bring an umbrella.

In winter, usually a lightweight overcoat and woollen garments are required. Remember warmer clothes are required if going inland.


Tipping is not standard practise in Australia.

If you are impressed by the service but not mandatory, you may want to add 10% to the bill in a restaurant. However, most Australians expect to pay an additional 10% on their way to a good restaurant. Restaurant prices do not bear extra taxes or service fees, and food in Australia is plentiful, quality and cheap.

Taxi drivers appreciate a tip but will not be insulted if you fail to offer a tip.

Trading Hours

These are from 8:30 or 9:00 until 17:00 or 17:30, Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturday with late-night shopping on Thursday and/or Friday, when the shops close at 20:00 or 21:00.

However, these hours vary somewhat in different centres. Some shops stay open until 16:00 on a Saturday and some are open on Sundays. Major supermarket chains are now tending to open very long hours in more densely populated areas. Corner shops, milk bars, delis and city bookshops also open for extended trading.

Post Offices

Open from 9:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday.

They provide comprehensive postal services as well as lettergram, international telegram facsimile transmission. It is common, particularly in rural areas, for the local public telephones to be located near the Post Office. You may find that overseas postal rates are very high. Some Post Offices located in suburban areas and in the larger shopping malls are open on Saturday.

Banking Hours

Usually from Monday to Thursday between 09.30-16.00 and Friday from 09.30-17.00, some banks offer long hours and some are open on Saturday mornings.


Tap water is safe to drink throughout Australia. Always check before you drink the water locally!!


The electrical current in Australia is 220-240 volts AC.

The local plug-and-socket system uses three pins. These are not the same as those utilised in Britain and only first-class hotels tend to have appropriate converters. Good quality hardware stores and electrical stores may carry adaptors but, failing this, an Australian plug could be fitted. A more practical solution is to purchase appropriate adaptors before you leave your country.

  • Weights and Measures: Metric
  • Dialling Code: 61
  • Emergencies
  • The telephone number for emergencies is 000.
  • This will connect you to police, ambulance or other emergency services.
  • Time Zone
  • GMT/UTC +10 (Eastern Standard Time)
  • GMT/UTC +9.5 (Central Time)
  • GMT/UTC +8 (Western Time)

Public Transport and Airlines


Australians use trains and buses in small areas. If the distance is long, they prefer airways. Air transportation is very developed in the country. first and second class services and food service are available.

  • Jetstar Airways , Qantas, Virgin Blue : Serving major resorts and cities in Australia
  • Rex Regional Express: Operates in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria
  • Air North operate throughout the Northern Territory
  • Macair Airlines operate throughout Queensland


A small airline operates for islands outside of Tasmania in Western Australia.

Almost all domestic airlines operate special deals or air crossings with great discounts. There are numerous airports and landing lanes across the country, including airports in all capitals and regional centers such as Alice Springs, Launceston and Uluru (Ayers. Rock).


There are 36,738km (22,600 miles) of coastline as well as lakes, inland waterways and inlets, all of which can be used for touring by boat. From paddle steamers along the Murray River to deep-sea fishing cruisers along the vast Barrier Reef, all are available for charter or passenger booking.

Most tour operators also handle shipping cruises. The Spirit of Tasmania is an overnight car-ferry service linking Melbourne with Tasmania daily.


Due to the vastness of the country internal flights are a preferred option for travelling long distances, particularly as rail travel can be slow and relatively expensive. For further information on rail transport within the different States contact Rail Australia.

City Centre Public Transport Options

  • There are extensive public transportation systems in all major cities.
  • State capitals have suburban rail networks, networks in Sydney and Melbourne are particularly large, and there are trams in Melbourne and Adelaide.

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