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Safety in Australian Outback for Travelers

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Australian Bush and Wildlife and Outback – see also animals 1, 2 and 3 The outback can be a very harsh and dangerous place for the unprepared and ill equipped. There have been some tragic accidents over the years. Often the following happens:

Safety in Australian Outback for Travelers
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• Car break down, tourists have not told anyone of their plans.
• Tourist have not brought enough extra food and water.
• Tourist gets desperate in the heat.
• Tourist starts to walk for help.
• Tourist die a gruesome death from thirst.


Some other things to avoid: DON’T

• Camp next to crocodile rivers.
• Go swimming in crocodile rivers.
• Drive on rough outback tracks in a conventional petrol driven car.
• Drive on roads that have been closed due to rain.

Wear Boots and Long Trousers

Do not forget to wear boots, thick socks and trousers, if you are going to walk in the rainforest, bushes. Do not put your hands in the wild animal holes you see in the forest.


If bushwalking or camping be sure to leave an itinerary with friends and go carefully prepared for the contingency of getting lost. Note that despite the desert temperature throughout the day, the nights will be very cold.

Ticks and Leeches

Ticks and leeches are common in Australia, so check your body thoroughly after a bush or forest. It can be dangerous if ticks are not removed from your body. It can be removed with kerosene or methylated spirits (do not put your head inside your body and be careful), and leeches can be removed by methods such as salt or heat. Investigate these before you go.

Snakes and Spiders

It is difficult for poisonous animals to bite or sting you. If a poisonous snake or spider bites you, try to stay calm. Wrap it with a tight bandage like a sprained ankle. and seek medical attention

Poisonous Marine Life

There are poisonous fish and animals that you should also pay attention to in marine life. Sea wasps are a deadly type of jellyfish that stings with tentacles and causes mouth mouth marks. Apply vinegar to the wound and do not remove the jellyfish’s needles. Be very careful when swimming in unprotected waters.

Sharks and Crocodiles

There are clear signs for seas and oceans with sharks.
likewise in crocodiles. You can understand these signs even if your english is bad. Please be careful.


In summer sunny days have a very high UV factor and are capable of seriously burning the skin. To avoid sunburn, the usual advice applies; wear a hat and high factor sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun around midday.

Fire Bans

Listen to news from TV, the internet or the radio before going for a ride. Australia is a country with a lot of fire due to its dry and hot climate. So listen to the warnings against fire prohibitions. Be aware of things that can cause forest fires, such as cigarettes or broken glass. Pay attention to tree growth while driving. If you get off the road, stay in the vehicle and make sure there is no danger.

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