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The Shocking Truth Behind Anal Sex

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Do women get pleasure from anal sex?

A biological approach to the question about sex has been wondered for years.
Pleasure in sex happens through the extra sensitive nerves located on penis and vagina. Nerves or neurons are spread over the body via spine.Nerves reaching to penis or vagina comes from one of the spondyls of the spine (Spondyl is the lower part of vertebra).

This situation occurs differently between man and woman. While in men, nerves reaching to penis go through lower parts, between legs, namely an area close to anus; in women, the route of those nerves is from upper parts.

woman and anal sex

Women and Men Get Different Pleasure From Anal Sex

Scientists explain the pleasure homosexual men feel from anal sex with the location of the nerves close anus. But for women, anal sex isn’t a source of pleasure since there is no nerve close to their anus.
Many women accept anal sex to satisfy their partners or to feel the pleasure of making love. As you can understand, the pleasure women feel from anal sex isn’t more than touching their breasts.
So it is good to interpret anal sex from biological aspect since explaining some sexual behaviors from physical or moral aspect such as prevention of loss of virginity isn’t only explanation.

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